Capacity Clinic (part of Grunin Capacity) takes you beyond the capacity building learning sessions and provides more individualized support such as 1:1 opportunities for individual leaders, invitation-only opportunities, custom training, and initiatives that require an application. Many are also Collaborations with other groups.

Here are some of our current Capacity Clinic offerings. Applications for the following are due by April 22, 2024.

1:1 Coaching with Traci Lester

As the Grunin Foundation grows opportunities for individual nonprofit leaders through our capacity clinic, 4-8 hours* of virtual 1:1 executive coaching with Traci Lester will be awarded to a selection of eligible nonprofit leaders.

An eligible candidate should have at least 3 years of experience in the nonprofit sector and be actively working in a nonprofit organization (full time or part time, paid or unpaid) located in, or serving, Ocean and/or Monmouth Counties; leaders in all roles and all service areas are welcome to apply. 

Coaching is sponsored by the Grunin Foundation and provided at no cost to participants. However, all coaching conversations will stay confidential between the participant and Coach Traci; conversations, goals, results, etc. will not be shared with the Grunin Foundation or the participant's organization(s).                                                                                     

Complete a brief application by filling in the fields to the best of your ability. Feel free to use bullets or short sentences where appropriate.
*Each hour consists of 45 minutes of coaching and 15 minutes of prep time for your coach. If selected, you and your coach will determine how much coaching time is appropriate during your first session based on your personal needs.
Application deadline is April 22, 2024. Apply for 1:1 Coaching here: 

Succession Planning Cohort

Join a small virtual cohort of your colleagues in the field led by Don Crocker, Cadence Pace Partners, to think through the challenges your organization might face if an unplanned absence emerged. This facilitated group will meet regularly, for 4 sessions between May and October, to help each other think through the challenges of succession planning and will provide tools and approaches you can try out in your organization to reduce the risks of unplanned succession. For those with interest, and when requested, we will also delve into departure-defined succession planning (tools that can help when a change is planned) and provide the opportunity to meet individually with Don for guidance and support. Dates are:

Tuesday, May 7 9:30am-11:30am
Tuesday, June 4 9:30am-11am
Tuesday, August 6 9:30am-11am
Tuesday, October 1 9:30am-11am

Application deadline is April 22, 2024. Apply for Succession Planning Cohort here: 

Building Blocks for Change: Accelerating Organizational Race Equity Survey 2024

The Grunin Foundation has partnered with Building Movement Project to offer approximately 7 nonprofit organizations the opportunity to participate in Building Blocks for Change (BB4C), based on a short application process. Organizations must be based in Monmouth and/or Ocean Counties, New Jersey, or have a significant service presence in Monmouth and/or Ocean Counties.

BB4C offers a comprehensive and affordable assessment to anonymously capture and understand the experiences of everyone at the organization, or organization culture. Equipped with invaluable insights, teams become better positioned to have important conversations, and engage in meaningful action to embed race equity into all facets of the organization.

To watch an info session for more in depth information, click here.

Application deadline is April 22, 2024. To apply: