Today we highlight Diane Hutton-Rose, Executive Director of 21 Plus, Inc.! Learn about how Diane leads 21 Plus through the 6 C’s of Nonprofit Sea Change, how she got into the nonprofit world and what she likes to do for fun at the Central Jersey Shore!

1. How do you navigate the 6 “C”s of Nonprofit Sea Change? (Capacity, Curiosity, Conversation, Collaboration, Creativity, and Compassion)

The Mission of 21 Plus, Inc. is to enable people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to lead fulfilling lives working in partnership with families and communities. In order to fulfill our mission, we continuously seek to ways to connect with our communities. This can mean collaborating with other non-profits and finding ways to collaborate on grants or symbiotic relationships. One example is working with nonprofits and educational institutions supporting people seeking employment. We are an employer always seeking skilled, motivated employees that we can career path at 21 Plus, Inc. In turn those employees provide quality services to the people we support and allows us to increase our capacity. Building relationships is key! I try to attend as many conferences, trainings, chamber, trade organization and networking events as possible. I have found I always come away with a new connection or possible partnership every time. Through conversation and being curious about what other organizations and individuals are doing, it spurs creative – or perhaps not previously thought of – connections.

2. When did you realize you wanted to work in the nonprofit world? Tell us about this journey.

I grew up in a family that placed a high value on helping others. I knew that is what I wanted to do all along. My mother was very active in her church and was an Ombudsman for the elderly in group homes. She was a role model for me and she helped me to be everything I am.

3. What’s your favorite fun activity to do at the Central Jersey Shore?

That’s easy – reading my Kindle under my umbrella at the beach!

4. How do you practice self-care/stress relief?

I am a huge goofball and love to laugh and dance just about anywhere – a party, in my living room, even my backyard!

5. Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

Gosh, hard to say, it depends on the day, however what I have been telling my children everyday for 20 years resonates with me – “Have a good day, do good work, make a friend!” With a great mindset to start your day, the rest will follow.