Are you thinking of signing up for one of our Nonprofit Board Retreats but have questions?
We have you covered!

Where can I find more info and register?
You can register for the Local Summer 2024 Nonprofit Board Retreat on September 12 - September 13, 2024 here.

I'm interested, but can't make the dates, how can I stay on your list for future Nonprofit Board Retreats?
You can click here to fill out a quick form to be added to our list. We will send you information on any future Board Retreat events!

Do I have to be on a board already to attend? 
No, if you were thinking of joining a board and want to know more, this is a great opportunity for you to learn.

Can more than one person from my organization attend?
Yes! Last board retreat, one organization brought six members of their board and staff. It’s a great opportunity for the team to come together and build common language. There were also plenty of people who came by themselves and still had a great experience.

I can't come for both days, is that ok?
Yes! You can come just Friday, just Saturday, or both days. We understand everyone has different availability and want to make training that is accessible for more people.

I don't drive and the location is far from me, will you offer the workshop again?
We hope to do more board training in the future but can't guarantee this exact program will be back again. However, we are dedicated to accessibility and removing barriers for professional development. We are happy to help you find and pay for accommodations and or transportation. If there are other accommodations you need like a translator, advanced copies of visual aids, to bring a companion to assist you with mobility, etc., please reach out and we are happy to work with you.

What if I need specific accommodations?
We work as best we can to accommodate dietary restrictions and accessibility needs. All you have to do is ask! We also provide quiet relaxation spaces and separate space to take a meeting or phone call if needed. Reach out to Vicki, our Director of Thriving Communities at with any concerns.

I am new to board service, is there something for me?
I have been on a board for years already, is there something for me?
Yes to both! We will have two tracks on day one for people who are new or would like a refresher on board service, and for those who have more experience. Day two will be geared towards multiple levels of experience and bring both tracks together. 

What should I expect from the day?
In addition to workshops with learning, group discussions, and activities, we'll provide some breaks and meals during the day including breakfast and lunch, plenty of snacks, and some fun along the way. Expect a welcoming environment, with giveaways, laughs, opportunities to meet new folx and reconnect with people you may already know. If socializing sounds stressful or you anticipate needing a stimulation break, there will be a quiet relaxation space available. 

Still want to learn more?
Check out this toolkit from our Winter 2024 Nonprofit Board Retreat to get a better feel for the event! 

We hope this is helpful! If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Vicki, our Director of Thriving Communities at