• Grunin Capacity Building & EDIB Working Groups 2.0
    Vision Overview

    Our Director of Thriving Communities, Vicki Fernandez, has been busy shaping the vision and future of Grunin Capacity and the Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) Working Groups. We are excited to share with you the Guiding Affirmations and the 6 Tenets of this work!

  • Guiding Affirmations
    • All nonprofit professionals deserve quality, accessible, and continuous professional development, regardless of title, level, or organization size and budget.
    • Continued professional development and capacity building are necessary to stay abreast of the ever-changing world, share knowledge across generations, and build a strong sector.
    • Capacity building is more than just training sessions and workshops; professionals need comprehensive, wraparound support for efficient, accessible, and effective interventions along with genuine community support from peers.
    • We come to capacity building gatherings to learn and build community aside from titles or other motives; Grunin is not adding new grantees in this moment, but leaders are always welcome to meet with the Grunin Foundation to build relationships for future grantmaking in other spaces.
    • Nonprofit professionals are met with opposition in the sector that diminishes capacity, but are not responsible for these systems, specifically unhealthy relationships to funding and philanthropy.
    • Capacity building is not a substitute for long term support, general operating funds, or addressing the systemic issues that stress nonprofit leaders and organizations.
Philanthropists need to examine and address the impact on nonprofit capacity from the sector and build their own capacity to improve the system for everyone with guidance from those closest to the issues.
6 Tenets

1. More of the great work we’ve been doing

What does this mean? Continue with the strong foundations in capacity building embodied in the Grunin Plenaries and Catapult Institute

What does it look like?

> Access to well-known speakers

> Book Club – books and authors

> Disaster training from FEMA

What's in the future? Keep going!

2. While Prioritizing Accessibility and EDIB

What does this mean? Apply lens for our capacity building to the way we do work, who we work with, work for, and the topics we explore. Focus on multiple forms of accessibility and a high quality experience for all participants.

What does it look like? 

> Hosting Undoing Racism series.

> Support beyond workshops with funds for individuals.

> Hybrid Programming and sending lunch via gift cards.

What's in the future? Disability access audits of programming.

3. For New Audiences

What does this mean? Explore subjects with philanthropic leaders, board members, the general public, and other unconventional audiences to gain more support for the nonprofit sector from all angles.

What does it look like? 

> Communal Board Retreat.

> Funder/Trustee cohort/Lunches.

> Share as thought-leadership steeped in experience of evolution and change.

What's in the future? Training for boards/search committees on bias for hiring.

4. With Broader Options

What does this mean? Provide leaders at all levels with new resources and room to develop, in ways often provided to professionals in other sectors, senior leadership, or large nonprofit organizations.

What does it look like?

> 1:1 coaching.

> Access to real time, customized, and skilled support through the Support Center.

> Access to use of Grunin Space.

What's in the future?

> Co-op / shared services.

> Co- / flex working space.

> Access to Licenses / Group Rates.

5. Focus on Supportive Community

What does this mean? Capacity Building 2.0 puts greater intentionality on nurturing supportive community.

What does it look like?

> Affirmations and norms as welcoming script at events.

> Building Philanthropic relationships in Ocean and Monmouth Counties.

What's in the future? Leading support beyond the check like Turrell Fund and the Institute of Music for Children.

6. and Joy

What does this mean? This work is hard; burnout and turnover are significant challenges in the sector. We will work intentionally to find opportunities for fun, joy, and comfort.

What does it look like? 

> Communicating casual attire welcome.

> Host nonprofit social gatherings.

> Appreciation events/gift for Working Groups.

What's in the future?

> Trips to fun spots.

> Hosting events in interesting locations.

6 Tenets Table

Visit gruninfoundation.org/events to register for our Capacity Building events and stay tuned for more exciting updates!