Collaboration is one of the guiding values of the Grunin Foundation. We have always believed in working with a myriad of partners towards shared goals. And now more than ever, we have seen how collaboration has positively impacted our community. A great example of collaboration is right within a nonprofit board.  You have a diverse group of people working together to provide governance to an organization. Board members also work with staff, volunteers, and the community to help those who need it most. You may think that a board is automatically ready to effectively collaborate since they are all there to support the same mission, but it takes work to understand how to move to action as a group. Creating a collaborative culture in the boardroom can take your board to the next level.

Our first Catapult workshop of 2019 was “The High Impact Board.” Check out this great handout from that session, Governing As a Team, created by our friends at BoardSource. You will learn:

  • How to develop a board mission statement;
  • Determine your goal;
  • Maintain a sense of urgency and focus;
  • Get the right people on the team; and,
  • Assess performance.

Stay tuned for more resources on our Capacity Building blog!